Jewellery design

Design proces starts with a need that we want to answer. Our creative studio will design a product based on your suggestions and individual needs. Sketching concepts will help you to find the best solution.

We will help you to:

  • create an unique jewellery design
  • create a 3D model
  • print a wax or resign prototype
  • develop your collections

Hand sketches

Design sketching is a fast way to communicate an idea between a designer and a customer. Many years of experience and cooperation with goldsmiths allows us to find solutions appropriate to both estetic and technological requirements and production standarts, but we don’t forget about searching for innovations.

CAD modeling

3DM studio will turn your ideas, sketches and technical drawings into 3D models and 3d print that can be casted.
We use software dedicated to jewellery design industry. It allows us to create 3d models or sculptures – with high precision and every detail.

Computer aided design has many benefits:

  • 3D model can be modified
  • you can see the shape of a solid before the final product will be ready
  • 3d software enables precision of all the dimentions and details
  • technical drawings help during a production process
  • 3d models can be used for renderings and animations as a presentation of a product
  • you can plan and specify weight of a product

Digital sculpture & relief

In every project we want to transform sketch idea into 3D model with every detail. Different tools and our skills allow us to create complex 3d solids, sculptures and reliefs. Floral ornaments, portraits, animal motifs, etc. – everything is possible to draw in 3D.


Photorealistic renderings made form 3D models will help you present your idea before the final product will be produced. They can be used for creating catalogues and presentations. You can test many variations of colors and materials on different backgrounds.


3D animation will help you to make effective video presentation. You can see a product from a different angles, test materials and colors on different backgrounds just like during rendering process.

3D print

3D models can be materialized due to appropriate 3D print technology. We advise which one will be the best for each design.
Micro SLA – fast and economical print from photopolymer resin. The models are printed on support which is later taken away. Printer prints at 30-micron layers at effective 585dpi resolution. Prototypes can be casted or molded after the polishing. It’s an alternative for more expensive technologies, but the casting process has to be done according to the required resin casting rules.
Solidscape print – High quality print form jewellery wax that can be easily casted.

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