Everything starts with a need… The need to create something extraordinary, outstanding and beautiful… The jewellery which will delight, catch the attention and create emotion.

Sketching concepts in order to pick the best ideas. Using advanced 3D software in order to create the shape of a solid and refine each detail. Materializing the project through the newest CAD/CAM technologies. An individual approach to every project taking into consideration the client’s pointers, suggestions, market analysis, production requirements as well as the current trends and development directions of trade.

Years of experience, Master in Design Studies (Product Design \ Jewellery Design), advanced computer modeling and cooperation with jewellers will allow us to create a product tailor-made for your needs. I invite you to take part in this process together.

Monika Gordziej (Reptowska)




  • 2018 Solidscape Design Competition at JCK Las Vegas – projekt finałowy
  • Gold, Silver, Time 2016 International Jewellery And Watch Fair Competition for Goldsmith and Jewellers in 3D Category – 1st prize 2016
  • Amberif Design Award 2009 – 1st prize
  • Art Gallery In Legnica 18. International Competition in Goldsmith – 2nd prize 2009
  • Electrolux Design Lab’ Polish Edition 2009 – finalist

fot. Konrad Kulczyński

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